Meet the Team


Core Defined Pilates is home to a dedicated, experienced and highly trained group of women that are here to guide you through your classes.

We aim to educate you to listen to your body while you move, provide you with the knowledge to assist you in pain prevention and encourage you to perform at your highest level.

Our Instructors have their own personality, interests, teaching style and sense of humour! We come from all walks of life with an array of backgrounds, experiences + knowledge that each make us so different as Instructors but an amazing combo all together!

We are a Team passionate about helping others on their Pilates Journey and creating a Studio Space that is inviting to EveryBODY. A space that is warm, inviting, personal, supportive, relaxed and fun!

We would love to see you in the Studio!

Come enjoy a class and have a laugh with us!

Meat the team

Our Trainers are Fitness & Wellness Professionals, equipped with a deep understanding of the human body. They bring to the team their own expertise.

Unica Estabillo

Owner / Instructor

Unica has been teaching Pilates since 2016. Starting her Pilates journey in 2013 after the birth of her 2nd child and gaining Full Qualified Certification after the birth of her 3rd child. She has also gained study in Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

Teaching Equipment & Matwork Pilates to a variety of clients ranging from healthy able sports athletes to clients with scoliosis to those with severe back pain suffering from bulge discs. Working with clients rehabilitating after injury & surgeries, focusing on healing and improving the bodies strength and movement, She has a passion for making people feel their best through the practice of Pilates and her goal at the end of each session is to have clients feeling stronger (and a little bit of the burn!), more flexible and relaxed. Gaining a better Mind-Body connection through the movements of their body.

Unica likes to create a comfortable class environment, which brings a better client-teacher communication, leading to a better overall experience for the client to learn & be able to take the knowledge with them for continued home practice in between their classes.

“I want to help & empower clients to lead healthier & happier lives. Pilates movements are tough, but in a more deliberate way. I want to teach clients to be fully present in their bodies & movement. Improve their strength, balance their muscle development as well as bring flexibility & increased range of motion back to their joints.”

The face in Studio most days and behind all the Social Media/Photos/Posts/Reels/Videos/Scheduling and more!

She is our little Miss Organised! Keeping the Studio looking at it’s best even if this means constantly rearranging the room on a regular basis! She’s also our most creative and this can result in new things popping up in the Studio without notice.

She’s known to Clients for her relentless Burn in Matwork Classes and her sneaky Class Plans – you just never know what to expect and her little giggle and smile are very deceptive!.

Caitlyn Kremer

Owner / Instructor

Caitlyn has been practicing Pilates since 2015 after a accident left her with a head injury, where she required low impact rehabilitation style exercise to ease back into. She gained her Certifications through Studio Pilates in 2020 and has been teaching ever since.

Caitlyns quick wit and contagious sense of humour fits perfectly with her teaching style (which always boost the energy and mood of the room).  She enjoys challenging her clients and pushing them to the next level.

Caitlyn believes in the ability of Pilates to make you better at everything you do. She loves working with clients of all levels and enjoys teaching each individual guiding them to realise their full potential. Her biggest pleasure in teaching is seeing clients progress and the difference it makes in their lives. She looks forward to the opportunity to share her knowledge with clients and give them noticeable results.

Caitlyn is the youngest of our Instructor Tribe and works a Full Time job at the Mackay Base Hospital as a Qualified Registered Nurse currently on Cardiac Services Ward. So rest assured you are in REALLY good hands during her sessions!

You’ll find her in Studio a few times a week, usually after her shifts at the hospital, Instructing in her Nurse voice …… so you can’t say No! Having a little mini dance + singing party with herself and bringing the ‘vibe’ to her regular classes!

She’s the friend you NEED in your life and if you don’t have one like her your missing out! Trust us!

Katrina Head



Katrina has been teaching since 2016. Herself and Unica were practicing Clients together before both gaining their Qualifications through Tensegrity Training to begin their Instructor journeys together.

Katrina teaches all formats here at Core Defined, as well as incredible private sessions.

She loves the way Pilates advocates for the body, both on and off the mat. She can talk endlessly about her passion for Pilates,  loves taking classes and loves a good variation and/or modification. Her teaching style is to keep classes fun and challenging so that you leave each class feeling both accomplished and inspired for the next session.

Katrina embodies everything that we love about being a Pilates Instructor- she is able to teach you the most challenging and effective exercises while keeping you laughing the entire time. If her killer sessions and encouraging training style don’t win you over, her country girl charm will!

Katrina loves sharing Pilates with others and hopes that it will do for others what it did for her.  She is passionate about Pilates and training that focuses on form and connection. Her genuine personality shines in the studio as she prides herself on getting to know each body individually.  She can then teach exercises specific to each person’s needs and ultimately help her clients feel more balanced, stable, and strong.

She’s known in the Studio for her innovative ways to challenge her Clients! Embracing her love for difficult exercises that require a deep level of concentration and coordination. This girl knows how to get results and the ‘Pilates Burn’! Katrina loves to evoke that deep Leg Burn, serious Oblique Challenges with her endless variations of Side Planking and always has a sneaky Stability Challenging exercise up her sleeve.


Matwork Instructor

“Started teaching Pilates in 2022 after attending classes at the Core Defined Studio prior. I found a love and could see myself diving into becoming an Instructor as a passion and future career.

My favourite thing about teaching is …. PULSES! Just kidding! I love watching clients push their personal limits in each session and progress in the method.


My husband and I welcomed our first daughter in 2021 and I loved that I could still continue with my Pilates practice during my pregnancy to help prepare for labour. After Bub arrived I got straight into studying my Matwork Pilates Certifications through Studio Pilates and I haven’t looked back.

I love what the Pilates Method can do for each individuals body and all the exercises can be modified to suit all types and levels of Fitness.


I have a passion for ALL things sports! Touch Football, Rugby League you name it and you will most likely find me running the fields – with a strong competitive nature not wanting to LOSE!


Pilates has benefited all aspects of my sporting passion, in particular my Pelvic Floor Strength and Muscle Tone after Pregnancy and getting back into my Sports and Running.


I also work Part Time in Administration and my husband and I own T & K Photo Booth Hire – which along with Bub keeps me very busy!


I am hoping to commence studying my Equipment Certifications really soon. So watch this space!”




Millie started practicing Pilates 6 years ago whilst pregnant with her first baby, which led to her gaining a mat certificate in 2017. After discovering equipment Pilates at Core this year, she is now working towards her equipment qualifications through Tensegrity.

Millie also holds a certificate III and IV in fitness and a 200 hour yoga qualification. With great passion in the health and wellness industry, she is always expanding her knowledge.

This year Millie has undertaken an undergraduate course in Human Biology and would ‘someday’ like to become a dietician.

Maintaining full body strength without compromising joints or risking injury is what she loves most about Pilates. It is the endless variations of movement and core burn that keeps it fun for Millie, being a creative character, she enjoys mixing it up! You will find she is rather gentle yet motivating!

Not only does Millie enjoy seeing clients build their physical strength, she believes the mental strength they are taking away from each class is just as rewarding.

Connection with the movements is such an important component of Pilates and something Millie likes to tune each person into.